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Head-ready EEG systems November 5, 2007

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IMEC has developed a 2-channel wireless EEG (electroencephalography or monitoring of brain waves) system powered by a thermo-electric generator. It uses the body heat dissipated naturally from the forehead. The wearable EEG system operates completely autonomous and maintenance-free with no need to change or recharge the batteries.wear-eeg

The entire system is wearable and integrated into a headband. The small size, low power consumption of only 0.8mW and autonomous operation increase the patient’s autonomy and quality of life. Potential applications are detection of imbalance between the two halves of the brain, detection of certain kinds of brain trauma and monitoring of brain activity.

A low-power digital signal-processing block encodes the extracted EEG data which is sent to a PC via a 2.4GHz wireless radio. The whole system consumes only 0.8mW. The thermoelectric generator is mounted on the forehead and converts the heat flow between the skin and air into electrical power. The generator is composed of 10 thermoelectric units interconnected in a flexible way. The EEG system is operational in less than one minute after switching on the device!

The system is a tangible demonstrator of the Human++ strategic research program researching healthcare, lifestyle and sport applications of body area networks.

Human ++ research aims:

  • increase the lifetime of battery-powered devices
  • increase the lifetime between sensors and actuators
  • add intelligence to the devices
  • extend devices with chemical and biological features
  • integrate and package heterogeneous components
  • fundamentally understand measuring medical phenomena
  • develop biocompatible systems


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