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Wonderbra October 30, 2007

Posted by tomography in Cancer, Future, Tomography, What tomorrow brings?.

A breast-screening smart bra which allows users to detect breast cancer at the earliest stage is being developed by the Center for Materials Research and Innovation (CMRI) at the University of Bolton.

smartbraThe smart bra works using a microwave antennae system device which can be easily woven into the fabric of the bra. The bra uses a microwave antennae device and embedded microchips to collect information and create an image of the breast.

The antennae picks up any abnormal temperature changes in the breast tissue, abnormalities associated with cancer cells. Information about each breast is collected and transferred via conducting polymers. A separate controller unit analyses the information and sets off an alarm if the normal breast tissue temperature is exceeded. The cancer detection is based on the principle that metabolic activity and vascular circulation in both pre-cancerous tissue and the area surrounding a developing breast cancer is almost always higher than in normal breast tissue. This process results in an increase in regional internal and external temperatures of the breast. The microwave antennae has high sensitivity and can detect these temperature variations, which are the earliest indications of the breast cancer and/or a pre-cancerous state of the breast.

It is not only very safe but also very cost effective.

said Prof Siores



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