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Must click links! October 4, 2007

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1. You may download toll free and use in your own presentations the ppt.-s and lectures that are posted on this website on breast cancer .

2. Have you ever needed hard facts on cancer statistics? You may find a wealth of information on the National Cancer Institute’s website including state cancer profiles, population, morbidity and mortality data from the 70’s up to the latest.

3. This English website has many layers of information not only for public but also for professional use that’d be too much to list here. Apart from the latest news in cancer research, it deals with public policy, health awareness campaigns, and even reports on scientific competitions for the youth. If teachers needed educational resources, they will find it here!

4. Here is an interactive animation that explains all you have ever wanted to know on the origins of cancer, its progression, treatment, and drugs’ sideeffects.

5. Ever wondered how new technology in nuclear medicine is tested before human applications are done? The answers are mice and rats, of course! As in other fields of science, small mammals are used to try out new protocol to determine weather they are fit for human use. Follow this link to check out a couple sizzling images on SPECT/CT fusion technology:



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