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Must Click Links! October 1, 2007

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Every now and then, you will find a short detail of certain websites we found useful and interesting, and therefor welcome you to check out for yourself. Certainly, you may recommend some of your own!

1. Here is a great MRI teaching website, where you can scan the whole body, and learn to identify its parts and their physiological configuration:

2. You will find a couple interesting cases here like lymphomas, breast, colon, and lung cancer. Since only the PET images can be viewed here, it may be a great challenge for you to try and locate the “hot spots” for yourself:

3. Art and medicine has always been very closely intertwined. Illustrations can help our understanding of medical concepts a great deal, and sometimes they are just pleasant to look at:

4. This site is an interesting and strinking example of how web 2.0 can help science evolve. Beyond topics like “picture of the week,” it has helpful mnemonics, staging information, a study guide, helpful study techniques, and even a textbook section!

5. Need help figuring out what is on that X-ray? On this website you will find loads of chest x-rays, with clear explanations. Great tool for students!



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