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Femoral neck fracture September 11, 2007

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bs100bs144.gifThis 88-year-old demented man with a history of prostate cancer had been complaining of right leg pain. The bone scan was obtained to evaluate for possible osseous metastases.

The bone scan demonstrates increased activity in the right intertrochanteric region and absence of activity in the right femoral head. The patient had suffered a recent fall, but no plain films of the hip were obtained at that time. Increased activity was also seen in the left femoral neck, consistent with the patient’s history of healed left femoral neck fracture.

The most likely etiologies in the femoral neck of this elderly demented male with a history of prostate cancer would be trauma or osseous metastasis. Plain films confirm the diagnosis of fracture (not shown here). The rightfemoral head has no uptake, most likely on the basis of disruption of the perfusion by the fracture.



1. tareq - December 27, 2007


Prosate cancer is very dangrous …

But We have to fight it ..

And i think we will find midicne for it

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